Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tutorial - Make Your Own Clothes: Dress  Download and install for this tutorial to work.

Open up PhotoStudio and open up the pose you created with me earlier. Now with the selection tool, select a dress like I did.

You may need to use the shift selection and make the front side and then make the back side so it looks so much neater. I selected a nice clean grey for this dress, which the shading will come out amazingly good.

The grey looks nice and clean and gives a good delicate look. The shading will turn out better with the colors rather than the lighten and darken tool. It is a life saver...
Select the parts you want to shade, I simply wanted to shade the curve that was in the dress at the front. I chose a darker shade of grey and with the free select tool I selected where I wanted the shade to be and colored it in.

transparency 92
The transparency gives a good shading at times, and it will over time steal your heart. Now select a part on the big curve and change the color to white. Start drawing massive ovals and over lap them until it looks like this:

transparency 92
See how much good it looks already? Doesn't it look like it's shining? Now lets go up to the bust part of the dress. Select a random shape like so in the image below:

Pick a light grey and keep the transparency set  and start over lapping the grey blotches until they look like a shadow from zoom out.
  Look at the strap part of the dress. Shift Select random zig-zag shapes on both strap and color them in with a white. Again, keep the transparency set on 92. When you have finished that, it should look something like this:

Great! Now we are going back down to the skirt part. Select a part so it looks like the image below and with a darker grey. Change the transparency to 72. Color in the selection until you are satisfied.

It should look something like above. I only shaded it in once. you are going great! The dress will look more realistic as you go on, so keep trying.

Now, as you can see I selected a part again. Change your color to white and set the transparency to 89 and color in the selection one coat.

And you are done your dress :)
Your results should look like this and they will be good. I did not use the lighten or darken tool, and that is a life saver.

coming soon - make your own shoe


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