Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Dressed List

Reira on Eliza: A strong holiday feel! I love how the "stars" becomes the strap LOL

Eliza on Reira: This is very unique and creative. The Leggings are the shizz, and the hair makes me speechless (in a good way). The belt gives a pirate-y look towards it, and it makes me like it even more, good job :)

the hosts

the list...


Eliza: Very Cute and very unique, defiantly one of my favorites :)

Reira: A creative outfit with items other than clothes! But it's kind of funny how the dress goes over the hair LOL


Eliza: I like it, but it just wasn't entirly what the theme was reaching out for. The skirt kinda just blows it, but hey who am I one to judge?

Reira: Feels like summer isn't over yet haha! The clutch is a bit too formal for an outfit like this XD


Eliza: Personally my favorite. She did a fantastic job at the layering with the "Design Your Own" dresses. So now I think it is appropriate to say; what's up your skirt

Reira: Beautiful gown! I would change the clutch to something else though ^^


Eliza: Inspired by one of my favorite designers, Alexander McQueen, this outfit is just all Lady Gaga and more! I love the armadillos and I knew what she meant to be. Brilliant!

Reira: Extreme! Love the McQueen shoes :D Creative and unique!


Eliza: Wow, this is everything the theme was, though she was in and out of the party, she was there! This outfit rocked throughout it and I (L) how she used the chains. I'm in love.

Reira: I think this outfit is prettty awesome! I like how the hat covers the eyes ^^


Eliza: GaGaristic - Very fierce and bold. Nicole surely rocked the feather mask. Pretty

Reira:Very mysterious! I would add a belt  though ^^


Eliza: Wow! That's all I can say. Just, wow! :))))

Reira: I love how the dress and hat goes together!


Eliza: Not commenting, anything I say will come out bad.

Reira: Without the balloon skirt, the outfit would have been better :(


Eliza: Cute, she even went to the same designer as me and got a similar dress. SuiteShoppe Boutique XDXDXD
I like it, reminds me of Christmas Tree.

Reira: Haha, very similar! Nice colors, yellow and black ^^ I love your leggings!


Eliza: I love the Lace styles, very GaGa like, and I think the sky made it what it was - hawt :) the boots look like she jumped in reindeer shit though... Just saying.

Reira: The overall outfits blends easily together and looks great! Add some accessories and you're look even more fantastic!


Eliza: Yeah yeah, so happy I could die. I love how she made it, but the colour, yuck. =[

Reira: It's creative how you use the flowers as a skirt, but as a whole, not very matching XD I suggest you stick to a nature theme since you used flowers^^

Wow, the party was through the roof! And It's still on until midnight, I don't think I will be able to make all of it though...

- eliza


  1. =O and i thought reindeer shit was in this season!
    Thank you for the lovely comments =D

    My fave was DaddysAngel02's outfit, i just LOVE layering xXxXx

  2. I liked everyones
    but Estelles was my fav

    I liked DaddysAngel02 one to but its not very origional

  3. AllisonMyeisha's was complete and total crap.