Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blanca Spoiler + News

Well, this is the second spoiler for Blanca. Probably the last so listen up... I fell in love with the Armadillo shoes by Alexander McQueen, so I was inspired to make my own. I love, love, love them! And mine, the best shoes I have ever made. I also actually designed the shoes during Maths at school. So happy I was sitting next to the smart ass who was kind enough to give me the answers... Yeah I'm not a good student, I also got my report. Apparently I am a little *beep* who only does things when it suits her.
Oh well, I'm going to give the teacher a very long and confusing email. Perhaps that will make her pee herself just a little, so it's not noticeable. Hmm... The art teacher thinks I'm very skilled and it pleases her! The only thing that could please her is someone telling her she's loved. Yeah I don't think she gets that very often.

Click To Enlarge

OK, so... In the second issue of Blanca there will be a heap of awesome stuff - To me at least. It will also have a spotlight and hopefully if Blanca is popular enough before the third issue, fourth maybe there will be a mail bag, I and Kristen (hopefully she would want to) will reply with our own separate answers... Tell me what you think of this graphic in comments, and I hope I haven't bored you that much.
Until then, stay tuned.


  1. That is the shittist thing i have ever seen...

  2. To Anonymous, I think its cute!
    Graphics are very hard things to do and she has done a gr8 job!! :) & love to see more

  3. Hey anonymous, lets see how good you can do, huh? I'm sure ypu are just jealous because I'd be more popular, prettier, better on stardoll than you, and look, you aren't even showing you're real name, I would actually kinda thank you if you did. And so tell me, why are they shit? Because you actually saw real ones in real life and twisted your ankle walking in them?
    Boo you whore!