Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tutorial - How to Make Your Own Hair  Download and install for this tutorial to work.

Black and Blown.
First of all, open up your doll you want to put the hair on. With the free select tool select out your hair.

Color it in with any color you want. I used a black, but it is up to you.

Get white on the paintbrush and set the transparency to 98. With the free select tool put random pattens on the hair like the picture shows about and fill them in as many times as you want.
Next put more lines in it, but these should not be random shapes. They should look like curves. Get the black and set the transparency to 78 and fill in the selections twice.

Smudge the edges of the hair so it gives it more than just a shape.

Lets sharpen the inside of it now.
Put in some more detail...

done x
Coming Soon - Surprise

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