Tuesday, March 22, 2011

EEP! Get Excited Bitches ;)

Exciting news!
Stardoll Fashion Week is happening tonight! Well actually I'm not tonight, but I get to see all the amazing work of everyone else! I've already got my mum to go out and buy a whole shipping truck worth of new underwear.
Well here's the schedule:
Click To Enlarge
I am so fucking excited. I can't wait til Saturday especial!
Okay so lets talk about my line...

Monster Productions, my company produces several things, and has several projects coming up in the future, which I wont discuss at this very moment. Anyways, I decided to have a fashion line, and I got in extra late, thanks for giving me the idea Becka ;) Well each design represents a dream or nightmare, it's part of my project at school... Anyways, they represent Rape, Freedom, Vanity, Stereotypes, Personal Issues (Fatness, Sexual Orientation, whatever), Embarrassment, and Over Exposure. They aren't in order of designs so I would like people to guess which is which. I also used Elite Model's, and old poses that I made cause really I couldn't have been fucked to make a new group of poses...

I cannot spoil it. But I will indeed show you a graphic I did when I was, sick/wagging, ehh either way all the teachers know they need a good excuse to make me attend sports carnivals.
Here it is:
Yeah the dogs were just cut out cause I couldn't have been fucked. Turns out I used the same dogs as the person that inspired me to make it!
Enjoy! Oh and follow me on DeviantArt. I'm WooldoorsGraphics

ps: I won a competition and the prize was Justbeats by Dr. Dre and Justin Bieber! So proud!
I'm a fucking winner <3
pss: I will change the layout later :)
ppss: Catch'ya cunts :)