Thursday, December 31, 2009

Inspired by Reira422

Model - Toxxic.Angel

Can you see the illusion?


Best Dressed List

Reira on Eliza: A strong holiday feel! I love how the "stars" becomes the strap LOL

Eliza on Reira: This is very unique and creative. The Leggings are the shizz, and the hair makes me speechless (in a good way). The belt gives a pirate-y look towards it, and it makes me like it even more, good job :)

the hosts

the list...


Eliza: Very Cute and very unique, defiantly one of my favorites :)

Reira: A creative outfit with items other than clothes! But it's kind of funny how the dress goes over the hair LOL


Eliza: I like it, but it just wasn't entirly what the theme was reaching out for. The skirt kinda just blows it, but hey who am I one to judge?

Reira: Feels like summer isn't over yet haha! The clutch is a bit too formal for an outfit like this XD


Eliza: Personally my favorite. She did a fantastic job at the layering with the "Design Your Own" dresses. So now I think it is appropriate to say; what's up your skirt

Reira: Beautiful gown! I would change the clutch to something else though ^^


Eliza: Inspired by one of my favorite designers, Alexander McQueen, this outfit is just all Lady Gaga and more! I love the armadillos and I knew what she meant to be. Brilliant!

Reira: Extreme! Love the McQueen shoes :D Creative and unique!


Eliza: Wow, this is everything the theme was, though she was in and out of the party, she was there! This outfit rocked throughout it and I (L) how she used the chains. I'm in love.

Reira: I think this outfit is prettty awesome! I like how the hat covers the eyes ^^


Eliza: GaGaristic - Very fierce and bold. Nicole surely rocked the feather mask. Pretty

Reira:Very mysterious! I would add a belt  though ^^


Eliza: Wow! That's all I can say. Just, wow! :))))

Reira: I love how the dress and hat goes together!


Eliza: Not commenting, anything I say will come out bad.

Reira: Without the balloon skirt, the outfit would have been better :(


Eliza: Cute, she even went to the same designer as me and got a similar dress. SuiteShoppe Boutique XDXDXD
I like it, reminds me of Christmas Tree.

Reira: Haha, very similar! Nice colors, yellow and black ^^ I love your leggings!


Eliza: I love the Lace styles, very GaGa like, and I think the sky made it what it was - hawt :) the boots look like she jumped in reindeer shit though... Just saying.

Reira: The overall outfits blends easily together and looks great! Add some accessories and you're look even more fantastic!


Eliza: Yeah yeah, so happy I could die. I love how she made it, but the colour, yuck. =[

Reira: It's creative how you use the flowers as a skirt, but as a whole, not very matching XD I suggest you stick to a nature theme since you used flowers^^

Wow, the party was through the roof! And It's still on until midnight, I don't think I will be able to make all of it though...

- eliza

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GB PARTAY - Please Come!

Well, yes I really would like this to be a good party. I have never actually had a good one ever, and this could change that! I love the background on it too! I couldn't have done that, even with wacom. But I did do the shoe lol.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tutorial - How to Make Your Own Hair  Download and install for this tutorial to work.

Black and Blown.
First of all, open up your doll you want to put the hair on. With the free select tool select out your hair.

Color it in with any color you want. I used a black, but it is up to you.

Get white on the paintbrush and set the transparency to 98. With the free select tool put random pattens on the hair like the picture shows about and fill them in as many times as you want.
Next put more lines in it, but these should not be random shapes. They should look like curves. Get the black and set the transparency to 78 and fill in the selections twice.

Smudge the edges of the hair so it gives it more than just a shape.

Lets sharpen the inside of it now.
Put in some more detail...

done x
Coming Soon - Surprise

Tutorial - How to Make Your Own Shoes: Heels  Download and install for this tutorial to work.

1. Select the outside of a heel.
2. Color it in a nice color.
3. Select the spots where you want the lighten parts.
4. Set the transparency to 97 and keep coloring in until you are happy with what you got.
5. Darken the part of the heel that's behind the actual shoe with the darken tool.
6. Add details to it like patterns etc and go around the crooked bits with the smudge tool.

coming soon - make your own hairstyles with photostudio


Tutorial - Make Your Own Clothes: Dress  Download and install for this tutorial to work.

Open up PhotoStudio and open up the pose you created with me earlier. Now with the selection tool, select a dress like I did.

You may need to use the shift selection and make the front side and then make the back side so it looks so much neater. I selected a nice clean grey for this dress, which the shading will come out amazingly good.

The grey looks nice and clean and gives a good delicate look. The shading will turn out better with the colors rather than the lighten and darken tool. It is a life saver...
Select the parts you want to shade, I simply wanted to shade the curve that was in the dress at the front. I chose a darker shade of grey and with the free select tool I selected where I wanted the shade to be and colored it in.

transparency 92
The transparency gives a good shading at times, and it will over time steal your heart. Now select a part on the big curve and change the color to white. Start drawing massive ovals and over lap them until it looks like this:

transparency 92
See how much good it looks already? Doesn't it look like it's shining? Now lets go up to the bust part of the dress. Select a random shape like so in the image below:

Pick a light grey and keep the transparency set  and start over lapping the grey blotches until they look like a shadow from zoom out.
  Look at the strap part of the dress. Shift Select random zig-zag shapes on both strap and color them in with a white. Again, keep the transparency set on 92. When you have finished that, it should look something like this:

Great! Now we are going back down to the skirt part. Select a part so it looks like the image below and with a darker grey. Change the transparency to 72. Color in the selection until you are satisfied.

It should look something like above. I only shaded it in once. you are going great! The dress will look more realistic as you go on, so keep trying.

Now, as you can see I selected a part again. Change your color to white and set the transparency to 89 and color in the selection one coat.

And you are done your dress :)
Your results should look like this and they will be good. I did not use the lighten or darken tool, and that is a life saver.

coming soon - make your own shoe


Tutorial - How To Make Your Own Poses  Download and install for this tutorial to work.


Ok, so you just installed PhotoStudio. So what you need to do is Put your medoll on a white background and make her half size(so the same size as the rotation of her). Screen shot it and cut out the head to the top of the shoulders.

Now, open PhotoStudio and then with the open option, open the picture of your medoll's head. Get rid of the hair and the face with the free select tool and make her look bald. (you can click where to go with it.)
Now, make the body. (Making this body was an example, once you think you are ready you can make your own poses.)

Start at the shoulders and make one arm. The arm can go in which ever direction it wants, just keep it down for now. Now as you see in the picture about I drew a whole torso with the select tool. To do this once you are done with the arm double click and then start the rest of the picture with the free select tool. Before you finish what you want make sure you hold in shift while double clicking. Color in your selection the same tone as your doll's original skin.
Now to put in the breasts and other details, see the pre-shading under the neck? Dark, Medium, Light? Well get the paint brush and hold shit. This will make the eyedrop tool appear. Select the light shading and then get the free select tool again.
Make detail curves for the tits and other parts so it will look like this :

you can see what shade you should use where the black line is pointing
Now, start doing the legs. They are probably the easiest thing you can do in graphics ( feet and hands are the hardest. )
First, do just one leg.then make another one and overlap it like it shows in the picture below and use the shift selecting  way. Once you have done both legs the selection should look like this.

Color the legs in and then do the feet. The feet shouldn't need a how to make them as they are so fast to do in this pose. Well, you only do one.
ow finish off the arms and do the hands. The hands get easier once you get the hang of it.  The hand should look something like this once you got the selection.

Color it in and then do the other arm and hand.
Nearly done. Now with the smudge tool go around the edges that need touching up for a perfect pose. And the finish product :

Now, copy and paste hairstyles, faces, and even make your own clothes and shoes for the pose. It is all up to you.

coming soon
 Make Your Own Clothing with PhotoStudio

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Free For All To Use plus Tutorial Coming Soon

So I am being generous here. Notice my copyrights? Now they come in handy hey?
It says you can only use my work with my permission, so, for the graphics on THIS POST
 you can use as your own as many times as you want. If you would like a different pose, get a real life picture of the pose you admire and send it to me and I will do it in all skin tones. (contact me fore more details)

if would would like me to do a graphic for you, just ask and i will be more than happy to

Tutorial Coming Soon...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone, it's the 25th in Austraia and other countries, and I got a really cheap laptop, now nearly everybody in my family has possession of one. I also got some shit waiting for me, and yeah sorry if I misspell something, this keyboard isn't the best, so I guess I will have to just sell my PC without a mouse or keyboard... Who knows?
Anyways, I have to find a floppy or usb to move all my crap onto this thing, and ooh I love this song. Kinda busy in a club? Like toadstool. Anyways, Merry Xmas and have a happy new years :)

Stop Calling I don't wanna talk anymore :) 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elegance Within Temptation

I kinda left out one hand when I thought I was done, but....... I was yet to complete it, so I put it in quickly before posting it.
Thank you to all the people who have commented it before I posted it, (Mostly Kristen and Mario). This is my best graphic yet and I really would love some comments!
model - devie44

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Header!

Hey guys! Just letting you know I have a new header, and it is 99% by me. The remaining 1% is just the face... Other then that I did the Makeup, the hair, the body and, the panties and the boots... I think I did a good job :)

Click to Enlarge :)

So do you like it? I do, I love it
Tell me in comments what you do and don't like about it

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blanca Magazine is Released!

Hey, well yeah, it's alright, i kinda stuffed the size up, but i know what Wordpress did wrong, so yeah... Here is a few pieces from it...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blanca Spoiler + News

Well, this is the second spoiler for Blanca. Probably the last so listen up... I fell in love with the Armadillo shoes by Alexander McQueen, so I was inspired to make my own. I love, love, love them! And mine, the best shoes I have ever made. I also actually designed the shoes during Maths at school. So happy I was sitting next to the smart ass who was kind enough to give me the answers... Yeah I'm not a good student, I also got my report. Apparently I am a little *beep* who only does things when it suits her.
Oh well, I'm going to give the teacher a very long and confusing email. Perhaps that will make her pee herself just a little, so it's not noticeable. Hmm... The art teacher thinks I'm very skilled and it pleases her! The only thing that could please her is someone telling her she's loved. Yeah I don't think she gets that very often.

Click To Enlarge

OK, so... In the second issue of Blanca there will be a heap of awesome stuff - To me at least. It will also have a spotlight and hopefully if Blanca is popular enough before the third issue, fourth maybe there will be a mail bag, I and Kristen (hopefully she would want to) will reply with our own separate answers... Tell me what you think of this graphic in comments, and I hope I haven't bored you that much.
Until then, stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well, some of you might remember I posted a graphic of a woman posing nude - well the bust of it anyways, here she is, AGAIN! In one she is holding a lock of hair, and in one she is holding a bag. I also named her; Evolyne.

What one do you think looks better?