Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ryan Sheckler

Yeah well, to be honest I don't even have anything to say for this post. I have been stressing out so much for sfw making sure my designs are perfect. I want to make more, but my collection looks finished already... But, I have to have them ALL into Mary/Becka in a few days, so I gotta figure out tonight when I wake up scared I'm going to be dragged under the bed by a psycho killer clown and then sexually assaulted whether or not to add on.
Oh, and before I leave you all, I would like to ask you all to like Wooldoor's Graphics on facebook :] Just click the "Like" Button to the right and sign into your facebook account and it should all be done :D

Maybe I could make an application for it... Dunno.
Comment... Oh, and any GOOD shaving razors around? Nothing too expensive, and NOTHING disposable...
Kisses :)

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