Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Poses :D

New poses are available for purchase:
50sds each
100sds pose pack (so that's 50sds off if you buy them all)
png or psd files ONLY
If you don't have a program that doesn't read psd files you will have to use the png set :)
terms and conditions apply

contact me in my guestbook if interested


  1. Amazing but expensive, for 30-ish poses (6 poses in each sd skin colour) from hunnigal it only cost me 120 :S

  2. Dude, this is coming from someone that sold Pose Packs herself (oui oui, this is the Hunnimeister) your poses are WAAAAYYYYY too expensive. I sold my pose packs for what? Like, a minimum price code or something and there were alawt of them with different skintones. I gave alot of them away free, aswell. Take my advice, if you wanna sell them, make many many more, smooth up those edges and put hands on seperate layers, good luck ;)

  3. OMG ALICE YOU ACTUALLY COMMENTEND!!! Yeah Thanks :) I am working on that xx

  4. You sell them? Wow... Never thought anybody would do that, I mean, its easy to remove the letters, and even easier to make then yourself...