Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well... This isn't finished. And I don't think I will bother to finish it either.
It's Lady Gaga for Hello Kitty. Magna eyes, Japanese Futuristic clothes... yeah you get the point. The actual picture is to celebrate 35 years of Hello Kitty... But does anyone here know how hard it is to make a realistic graphics like so above. It requires a lot of effort, patient, etc, etc. This overall took about 6 hours. I want to say 12, but no, that would be lying. The eyes were the hardest part. The right one isn't even completed properly. Look at the 1/4 of the left one. Looks way more realistic.
Eyelashes took the longest, or was it the lips :S Hmm...


  1. Her Nose is Hard I have seen in your past Graphic's the noses on her were Akwards but this one looks just fine!

    by the way Love the graphics keep it up!!


  2. Yeah her nose is VERY difficult, so in graphics like this I start on that first.

  3. nice! & yeah i agree doing realistic graphics is hard C;