Thursday, November 4, 2010

Joji Rupert Kojima Mask

Well, as most of you monsters already know, this is the mask worn by Lady Gaga for her "Dance in the Dark" cover. After much consideration, this is my next project. I will be making my own mask. Apparently it is going to take like 8 hours. And I will need the following:

Gold/Bronze/Silver Metal Chain - 10 meters or more - you will need to make 50 for the botton, 18 for the eyes, and one loooong one for the spikes.
Iron Chains - 10m long
Iron Spikes - 20 
Metal Rings - 55 - to hold chains ( or more )
Little Metal rings with holes in them (approx 40 )
Glue Gun, Glue, Pliers, Scissors, Stanley Knife
Black mood mask 

That should leave me about 30-50 bucks in debt in BOD. great :)


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