Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hmm :S

I did this in about 50 minutes... After watching the Firework video and seeing that she absolute copied Mamma Monster with the exploding tits, I decided to make a single cover, because I don't like the official one. And I was kinda inspired to do this because someone done a whole heap of them and posted on DeviantArt. I found a PNG Cutout, and I print screened the part of everyone dancing in the star, because I had a different idea for the background featuring that, but nah I got this instead. The white glittery brushes are from Obsidian. So are the sparkle (they are different colors lmao) ones. The orange fireworks are from
 gimp ( the ones behind the text )...
Erhh, I made the lips shinny, added a few hair extensions here and there and fixed her eyelashes.
The font is called "Katy Berry". Well the pink one is. I had to fix it to give it the balloon-ish effect.

Hope you like it. Please comment.


  1. I hate Katy perry She is such a follower.. The wigs, then the Tits? Thats too far! she copied her twice with the tits one in the California girls video and Fire works :/ Wow get original Katy

  2. You said it better than I could. I wanted to track her down and murder her with my village people impersonaters. But I think she saw that video by thekeyofawesome on youtube. LMAO. Don't fuck with the Gaga.

  3. Plus I only made this for experimental purposes. I want to download the song and make this the cover and see if it goes on my phone how I want it.

  4. Yeah then Gaga copies Aguileras outfits , search it in Youtube! lol

  5. It's good :) I'm not a fan of Katy Perry much either.

  6. LOL! I find it extremely hilarious that you think Katy Perry is a copycat, when in reality Lady Gaga is such a huge wannabe herself!