Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wont Be Very Active + More.


Hey people :) This blog is going to slow down  for a while due to a major upcoming project I'm apart of. This is going to be something mega different. I'm actually really excited. I am preparing for it as you read this. It is going to take alot of effort and will have alot of pretty pictures made by yours truly.

I was on msn one night talking with Vasia and I said I was making - one of - the best hairs ever! She of course wanted to see, but for some reason, I couldn't show her, so I offered to use her as the first model for it... Well, besides the Kristen Stewart graphic.
This isn't very goth, but it was inspired by Twilight and Lady GaGa, so what do you expect?!?
 This is my first black and white graphic, so maybe if I see enough comments I might continue the black and white theme for a while? Who knows, would you like to see a complete black and white theme?

Tell Me!


  1. Love it ;D Hope to continue to do more like this !!

  2. I love it. I beg you to do one for me.