Saturday, July 17, 2010



My laptop is sick... He has worms, trojie horsie and alot of other mean viruses. So I guess you all know what that means...
Wooldoor's Graphics is closed until I get my computer fixed. No, of course I'm not going to leave you without a graphic. How rude would that be. This one isn't finished, the hair still needs detail but yeah. I didn't want to get fired from Elite News for not posting, so I thought I could post something Gaga wise with a graphic I was working on. You can't noticed it isn't finished unless you look at it closely, infact you wouldn't know that it was incomplete if I hadn't told you.
Anyways. I guess I should probably close this blog for a week after my computer is fixed... Leaving you with this, and a leacture...

Okay so... the problem with my computer is it has Vista. Vista is complete shit and if you have a spare bucket of cash lying around and Windows 7 is on sale in Walmart or something you should go buy it. I actually forgot half of the leacture so I am going to make some random shit up to keep you amused.

I got a keyboard today from my brother. It is like 17 years old... He had it since he was three. No it's not a special designed Yamaha product, it is actually a bub's toy. Yep, you guessed it. A bubs toy! It can do wonders though. I can play half of "Paparazzi" already... I even got perm' marker and from starting F I wrote A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C, B, A, G, F, E, D, C, B, A... Which was obviously wrong, so me, my brother and dad spent half an hour trying to rub it off with Metho. And of course, someone had to say; "I will give you $100 bucks if you drink the bottle."
Stupid ol' me actually grabbed it. Thank god my brother took it off me... If anyone knew me in real life they would know how gullable I am. After we rubbed it off I had to fight with my sister to get the glue stick for sticking the paper on the black keys.
So yeah after I did all that I started to learn Jingle Bells... Which I can only do the first half of the chorus. E, E, E, E, E, E, E, G, C, D, E... Yep, that's pretty sexy that part.

Paparazzi is fun. I can't be fucked to write down what I know though. Before I knew what the black keys were I would play it really bad. I showed my friend Jess what I can do so far, she can play the Harry Potter theme song. Woah... She is like omg talented though. I often leave bags of dog shit on her door step, just to piss her off.

Hmm, what else can I say to amuse you.
I gots a new phone. Not entirly new, I got it off my brother, he bought it for $500 bucks or something like that. Samsung Preston Icon... S5603T it is.
Touch phone. He is actually quite pissed off about it. It's down to $200 now. He got it at the start of the year. I LOVE it. Except it has Telstra Tribe on it, and that is total shit. It remembers your facebook, twitter and myspace accounts, just by your number.
I only remember my facebook password so I logged onto it and I couldn't log out. Clever ol' me got on my laptop yesterday before it broke and I deleted that account and logged on again.
I went into Tribe and clicked the Facebook link and it said I had to sign in again! Good shit, I am so proud of myself to be honest. I don't enjoy going on my public fb account. I love my actual person one. And no, none of you will guess the name. Sorry but the last thing I need is Stardoll crap on my wall.

Hm... I don't think I should tell you what happened in sex ed at school two weeks ago, but why not. We had a subsitute for all our Sex Ed classes. I am infact a really good drawer so I started to draw penises and I showed him the drawing and asked what he thought of it. He grabbed it off me and chucked it in the bin. On the whiteboard I drew a massive one and he rubbed it out and I started to scream at him. So afterwards, me and the normal people in my health class got around a table and drew the biggest dick ever. It had cum shooting out of it and all. We were all giggling so much he came over to look at it. I put a piece of paper over it and told him to fuck off.
After he told us all to go to our seating arrangement I got everyone in a circle and we were like an iPod. We kept singing so good songs. Taylor Swift, B.O.B, Lady Gaga,  etc, etc. We were singing so good he jumped out of his chair, gave me a dirty look and ran out of class twenty minutes early... Me and my friend opened the door and yelled out stuff like, "Don't come back you fucking cunt!!!" With no supervision I just got on my phone and started to play with it, going on facebook, etc...

Hmm... I guess I will update you all later, when my computer is fixed.

I will miss you all so much!!!
xxxxxxxxxxx :''''''''''''''''''''''''''(

Also so sorry if I bore you with my stories... Just comment what stories you would like to here incase this happens again.

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