Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guess the Designer!

No shoes this time :O I know, I feel sick for it.
Anyways. This is just a graphic of my lovely friend, Vivian. You should really see her Birkin design too!
Her name is VivianKentwood
This is an amazing designer. Does anyone, besides me know the designer of the lovely dress?

Till then, bye, bye lovelies :)


  1. She's not fat, she's toned.
    And what should it matter if she's fat or not?
    And what pisses me off even more; You're so cowardly, you insult the size of something that isn't even real, and yet, you're so insecure about what people would think of you if you posted in your Blogger account, you posted as an Anon!!!

    Now, I believe you have obedience lessons.

  2. Attend them and learn to wipe your mouth. You're dribbling shit.

  3. Omg anon, calm the fuck down. You should really learn how to tell the difference between muscles and fat.

  4. If anything, this model has the perfect body. The only people that should be MODEL skinny are...well, models. If someone isn't in that profession that calls for such a small size, why be so unhealthy and become that skinny? This model could still be seen as slim...can't believe someone would call her fat.

    Amazing graphic! Especially the hair :)

  5. It looks quite like an Alexander Wang dress I've seen before, just without the black underneath. :P

  6. It looks like a version of a male top from a Gareth Pugh outfit... turned into a sleeveless dress. xD

  7. Your graphics are amazing , and, if you want U can use me like model for your graphics (:
    Size of model ? FUCK OFF ! fat is a word that means : Fuckin' Amazing Thing , for me (:
    anyway , the model is beautiful, like your graphics .