Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cruella Di Vil #1

I love, love, love the hair! The shoes, I think are BEAUTIFUL! I want to make a pair like that but I don't know how the fuck to make shoes or anything. The Birkin bag was added for my beautiful Christine.
The model is Selena. If you don't know, she is Ruubin/Hunnlgall.

Tell me what you think below!


  1. Stunning but I think it would look much better with red pumps... Love it though!!!

  2. Absolutely stunning. o: I love how you made Cruella Di Vil look more modern and a rocker chic kind of style. :) Ps; Those shoes are bannnging! o;

  3. I just LooOve it heheeh it is beautiful :D

  4. Love the hair and your graphics but honestly the banner is a bit inappropriate