Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Me!!!!! Present for you!

Hi everyone!
Just here to say that it's my birthday today :) No school cause I'm *cough* sick...
Well yes I haven't got that much this year. It's getting to the stage I'm going to be buying my own presents from now on! That's what you get when your parents have put up with being well parents to 5 kids for 24 (20, 19((me)), 14 and 11) years!
Be nice to your parents because you might not have them for much longer and you don't want them to find out you took them for granted because well, you'd only get a card that says "Hurry the fuck up and move out!"

Just kidding, but be nice even if they are being asses!

So, my present to you, my 190 followers and my thousands of readers!

Find out after the break!

But at this very moment, I hope you are all fine with the cover!!

Yes the cover girl is baya! Yes the issue is Louis Vuitton themed! Yes I am aware that Glamour did a a Louis Vuitton issue! Yes I was inspired. No I didn't copy Mario.

Everything in this issue is to do with Louis Vuitton! The shoots, the clothes, the articles! I changed theme mid-production due to lack of creativity and I was getting a fake Vuitton handbag that I have now and I was inspired. I just drool each time I see the pattern <3

I'm like the new Paris Hilton!
Get ready for Monster!
Coming 12pm UTC +10 Hobart Time!

So in like 2 hours xxxx