Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sorry For Such Neglect + NEWS! IMPORTANT! + NEW GRAPHIC!

Hello. I don't want to say this like a noob who just began blogging and neglects their blog for a week and nobody visits their blog and they apologize to "all" their "reader's". That would just be LMAOish.
BUTT.... I do apologize for neglecting the blog. I just can't be fucked as much anymore, my piano has taken over my life.

So anyways. I logged on skype a couple days ago and do you know what? Someone asked me something... That someone was Chloe. She asked me something. That something was this:
"Do you want Stiletto?"

... I know, I shit myself as well.
I of course accepted, so NOW I am looking for an equally amazing graphic designer OR better to help me with it. Not just that, but I need an editor as well!
Comment if you want to apply.

Now, to the graphic...
I was daydreaming ALL day today, pretending I was dressed like the graphic below, pretending I had them shoes on. When I walked near people all that went through my mind was; "Do you like my shoes?"
click to enlarge

I kind of had two versions in my head, but this version was easier to make.
Well anyways, I hope you enjoy, and I promise to get rid of the fugly layout soon. x Bye :)


  1. I would like to be some sort of Creactive editor/ Coordinateur. I think I could help finding writers and write aswell, I could help prepairing and do all the PR work needed for an AMAZING LAUNCHING. I have worked in some magazines before including RECHERCHE and DIRTY and RUNWAY.

  2. LOOOL!, That shoes thing made my day :),

    Hmm is there a Position where i can make drawings on paper? I love too draw :)


  3. STOP
    I just love, those shoes are perfect.

  4. @MODE

    Who are you talking too? Not me...

    Im talking about the story if you actually read the hole post you'd know what i was talking about. So next time try reading the hole post

  5. I wouldn't mind being the Creative Director, contact me please on my Skype: Vixi.Pixi :]

  6. Hi, I want to help you with the graphics.
    On stardoll I'am master04, and here is a example
    of one of my graphics.

    Hope you like it ;)

  7. @ Master04, I'm not accepting tinypic links.

  8. Okii this is the example in :

  9. Aww SHIT :( I was going to be a model for the upcoming Stiletto issue :(((

  10. Hey Eliza,
    Id love to be your editor and can write too.
    As you know I creative direct for you already and could really step up as an editor with this project.
    I dont know what this means for monster but congrats!
    Lemme know!
    xo Shmarz

  11. Oh look this another examle:

    the Graphic of taylor swift, I made it today :)