Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lady Gaga Dress Up Complete! IMPORTANT!

Okay, so the picture is kinda fucked up here, BUT! I completed my Lady Gaga Dress up and I am still making clothes for it. Anywho.

This isn't free like the Alexander McQueen dress up will be when released. Price is 5sds per person. And if people would like to receive this a day early via Pre-Order you can. Just write a comment below that you're pre-ordering and write in your email so I can send it to you on release. Pre-Order isn't 5sds though, infact, like always there is an additional cost to Pre-Order. Prices are listed below.

Pre-Order, 7sds (2sds to order, 5sds to buy. The 2sds applys for the one buy and buyer can buy one more for another 5 sds. So if you buy two, it's 10sds, buy three it's 15 sds, and so on. Includes Lavender Purple Wig)
Buy on Day, 5sds (Excludes Lavender Wig)

Additional clothing will be available soon. Also, if anyone can identify the Purple Leotard, Telephone/Bad Romance Latex, Chef's Hat and Meat Dress all in one will receive the dress up as a thank you.


  1. I think the meat dress was Alexander McQueen?? You're sooo talented!!

  2. I' gonna buy it, what i have to do?
    I love Lady Gaga, she's my idol, and this makes me love her more(it's something a little bit impossible, but however XD).
    Thank you!
    Oh, and my stardoll nick is simona-sims

  3. hey, i wanna pre-order. My e-mail is erika0610@windowslive.com.
    i want to buy 4 so...it costs...25 sds right?

  4. Amazing!

    Meat Dress is by Franc Fernandez, the latex dress and the chef hat are both custom-made for GaGa by Rachael Barrett, and purple leotard is made by Atsuko Kudo.

  5. My email is simonasimsstardoll@gmail.com
    And i send a message to meangirlz

  6. omg. i love your graphics. That's amazing what you do. I make dolls too. please, add more tutorials. I can't make a face like that: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_HOH2RtijF_M/TL_G1xV7ryI/AAAAAAAABWg/ctUxt2cefY8/s320/milla.png, I copy only from stardoll, and i can't make clothes.
    please... :(

  7. The Purple leotard is Atsuko Kudo.
    The meat dress is Franc Fernandez.
    The bad romance/telephone Latex dress is Rachael Barrett.
    Chef Hat is also Rachael Barrett.

  8. I would like to pre-order
    The e-mail: demi999111@hotmail.com

  9. I want the gold 'Dance In The Dark' dressup dress for the background of my blog.
    E-mail: alice2078@live.com

  10. It makes me so angry to find out that Gaga would name a song "Dancer In The Dark" after that masterpiece of a movie made by Lars Von Trier. Really, Gaga? You just made it more clear to me that you are copying Björk.