Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not... Gonna... Show...

Oops :)


  1. yep, that's just stunning aye.

  2. ridiculous , try harder next time , the top part of the outfit looks ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS , not comments on the hair either

  3. Either? Hmm. Haven't you ever thought saying the top part is ridiculous is commenting?
    I tried hard and I would rather have produced something that heaps more people would agree to like it than hate it. I'd LOVE to see you criticize my work more often :) Cause it's dickheads like you that make my work even better. Thanks :)

    - Ridiculous Girl :)

  4. Really? Sucks?
    Do you know what suck means? Suck means: Drawing an object with oral muscles.
    But the weird thing is, the graphic is only second dimensional. How is it supposed to suck when it doesn't have the proper requirements? Were you schooled at all? If so are you in a special need's group or something? Because if you weren't that would mean either your teacher was hired without close observation or you are just suffering from learning disabilities.
    That means you don't have many friends, and the friends you DO have are slightly more intelligent than you. They use expressions such as "gay", "shit", "fag", "douche", etc, etc and don't know the correct definition, or simply don't have a definition at all due to your lack of study.

    Make sure next time you comment you use correct terms and not the shit you dribble.

  5. @Anonymous
    I bet Eliza would not waste her time on someone like you; you can actually spend a few seconds of your life caring to critizing people using an anonymous name. Plus I doubt you know anything about graphics, so don't go and critize Eliza because she can do much, MUCH better than you.

  6. HAHAHA ur the biggest elite wannabe hun!!! guess what UR WORK SUCK AND WHEN I MEAN SUCK I MEAN I COULD FIND BETTER STUFF IN THE TRASH

    whore ! look that one up to

  7. Me? Look suck up? Yeah in 3rd grade. Whore? Look that up? I know what it means. A whore is someone who is sexually promiscuous. Also better is an adjective. It is used to point out things that are more like-able in one's opinion. So if you think a rotten banana that smells like someone is expelling human shit? Then yes! You could find better :) Also, I'm a proud virgin.
    And yes Sarah, I do have better things to do other than waste my time, but sadly this Anon is poorly uneducated. Someone has to teach them.

  8. Gosh, no need to get so worked up anon.
    I know where you live >;]
    Eliza's work is amazing, and your just missing out if you can't appreciate how good and talented she is.
    I bet your just jealous.

  9. like this anon above wasn't eliza

  10. Ahah No.. It was my friend Monica :)

  11. Elizas no 'elite wannabe' she IS an elite, unlike you who couldnt be since you have nothing better to do with your time but to write shit about her amazing graphics. Before you say there shit and start pointing out flaws, we would like to see YOUR work and how much better YOU are. Until then, shut the fuck up and piss off.

    (: x

  12. Hmm, i have a special device on my computer to find out who's I.P this anon - could be, and then maybe trace it down on stardoll :D

    It's actually quite Sad when people look up Eliza's Site to say rude things. Why would they look it up if they want to talk shitty infront of her. sad sad boy/girl.. maybe shim :P I'll put you in my freezer and lock you up. DIE !

    Love from, Lina :D ! x.nikki.babe.x