Thursday, October 21, 2010

Milla :)

4 hours :)
The face was SO hard to do... But I got it right in the end.
The shading is probably the best I have done! Body and clothes! I love the hair and the shininess too! Hope it looks greasy :) I tried to make it look as Resident Evil-ishy as I could. Like her hair in the third movie :) I hate how they haven't washed for 6 months, but yet they have perfect skin, makeup, a clean shave, clean-ish clothes, EVERYTHING! I'm so jelous... I haven't showered in about 16 hours... So that's before I slept... My legs need shaving AGAIN, my makeup sucks... EVEN AFTER WITH IT REMOVED, YOU CAN SEE IT, I'm wearing clothes I slept in, well a shirt, but I don't have many clothes haha.
Well, I guess that's it :) cya, oh and till I am back, I would LOVE some feedback.