Sunday, August 8, 2010

Take A Bite of My BAD GIRL MEAT

Okay, so I was singing Blah Blah Blah, and that lead to me thinking of the Gaga song Teeth. Well... yeah, and also new blog layout :) Enjoy 

OH, and read my presentation - wooldoor


  1. those lips look so good i wanna eat em ;)

  2. Have you seen the "Puke on GaGa" Interlude? It was SO GOOD, when I saw this post title it immediately reminded me of one scene in the interlude where GaGa is eating a heart...

    And I loved the graphic, although I expected red lips >:D

  3. I love the song Teeth!♥ The lips look great! And I love the banner. :) Nobody like Gaga would have ever pulled off that stunt!

  4. OMG EWWW thet interlude is so disgusting!!! It just wouldnt stop coming out!!