Saturday, June 26, 2010

Guess The Designer - 5/6!!!

Sorry, it was meant to be 5/5 but I felt bad for not making Nicole a model aswell, well, cause she provided a picture xD But yeah the next model IS going to be tcholas93... Anyways.
I was on msn one night and Lou was on (xLou26) and I asked her for a designer, because I was clearly stuck with my graphics for a while... Mostly because I didn't think anything that isn't animated wasn't fun anymore, so I wanted to stay with gifs - not anything else.
Well so I google-imaged the designer and I fell in love wit this top! So Yeah I made the pose and everything for it the pinkish skin tone, the same tone as my doll. But know what?
Colton made his doll black! Thank Jesus for giving me the excellent graphic skills I have today and recreated the face into the pose's tone Well, that's about all I guess. Guess in comments - oh, and the people that ask Lou who designed it's answer will not be counted, so be warned.


  1. Miu Miu :)

  2. miu miu