Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gosh, Again, Again!!!!

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Inspired by her Just Dance video. This graphic was for Lipstick Magazine, but was never put in there. I got sick and tiered of keeping it a secret from you all, so I thought, why not post it on here... Unless I already have.
Well the sweater thing took ages to get right, then I stuffed it up with a white, or blue wash... Then I did it again. Well, you know what to do. Comment if you like it! Next graphic will be inspired by Alexander McQueen, Lanvin and Balmain. And as the club members voted, the model will be Vasia28 :)



  1. It's always Lady Gaga!
    You forgot her heavy makeup ^^

  2. Love it :)
    But are you serious about the lipstick thing? :/ I made 2 lady gaga graphics for lipstick which were both turned down, and i'm guessing they were for the same article.